Renovations to your Church

church renovations

The best thing in life is to have an amazing, unique approach towards life and God as a whole. Our church has continually managed to try and expand to cope with the continual demand from all of our followers.

We firmly believe that in these tough times, it’s only God that can help us reach an amazing set of results and the outcome can be amazing due to that reason alone. If you want to appreciate all that God has brought into our life, we recommend you to come to our church as we will be able to help and offer you the guidance you need.

Once you will come here and seek our guidance, we will be able to help provide you with the help and experience you need. Nothing is better than being able to access extraordinary results in life, something you can do if you follow God in all of its glory. You will certainly be more than impressed with the way your life will change if you just go ahead and check out all the great benefits offered by God, as the experience will be very well worth!

Our church is proud to announce that we are continually expanding and because of that, we will need to close for a short amount of time. We are installing a new floor from IB Flooring, one that will be more durable and which is designed to offer a lot more value when compared to the current model. Our main approach is always on helping out followers have a very good experience regardless of the situation.

We want to offer all of our followers the guidance and help they need, but we also want to deliver the comfort and quality they are in dire need of. We understand that this might be a little tricky to do, but nothing is impossible as long as you are creative and focused on what you want! Our life is full of interesting achievements, and as long as you fulfill them, there will be no one to stop you. We believe that the new floor from IB Flooring and the entire remodel is a great way to showcase our admiration to the local community.

We went with IB Flooring because we consider their services to be some of the best in the industry. Throughout the years, IB Flooring has shown that they can help the local community and now our church is closed to deliver the very best floors for our community.

You don’t have to worry; we will be back very soon, and we will post an announcement on our website as soon as that happens. Once the floors are ready for our customers, we will let you know about everything! Rest assured that we will keep in touch in case you need our help; we will always be there for you so no worries!

Church Architecture


Places of worship are always representative of a particular religion and they are customized in such a manner that their atmosphere and architecture restores all the related beliefs, customs, and traditions which have been practiced and employed throughout the course of time.
Churches, in the same way, represent the religion of Christianity and no matter which country you are staying at or no matter which corner of the world you reside in, all churches will show a few features associated with them which will have a certain uniformity similarity in their architecture.
Listed below are a few features which are considered to be an essential part of the traditional church architecture:


A steeple is always made a part of a church building and it serves many purposes.
It gives the otherwise short church building, a pleasing look of harmony and makes it the highest point at in any town enabling the residents to find the church from any part. It is also believed to set the vertical lines of the church straight enabling the people to have their eyes vertically to the heavens.


It is the path between the entrance and the pulpit area. It is one of the main parts of the traditional church architecture.


It is that area where the choir and the pastors are located. It can be raised or simply at the level same as the nave.


It is a pool or a bathing area which is connected to the church and here the practice of Baptism is conducted. It is usually built on the floor of the chancel area.


It is the table where communion is celebrated. It is also sometimes called the communion table.

            Stained Glass Windows

The glass windows are colored (made with the oxides of metals). The primary purpose of the stained glass windows is to create a dim light inside the building which gives a sense of the presence of God to the people. The dim light was believed to be heavenly.


It is a platform from where the preacher delivers the sermon. This platform is raised and located at the center of the chapel. In the past, it used to be located at the Gospel side (left side) of the chapel.

            Cross/ Crucifix

A cross is a part of all the churches. Catholic churches show with an image of suffering Jesus while the Protestants show a bare cross which reflects the fact that Jesus got over his suffering.


Fire and Smoke Alarms for the Hearing Impaired


Church architecture is invariably very beautiful, often extremely delicate, and usually designed to make the human spirit soar. At the same time church attendances are dropping in most western nations, and those who do attend are often from an older generation, often suffering from hearing problems.

church fire alarm

How do the people responsible for church maintenance deal with safety and security imperatives like fire and smoke alarms discreetly, while fulfilling today’s strict health and safety regulations and keeping up appearances? This is one area where the latest in hearing impaired smoke alarm and hearing impaired fire alarm tech comes into its own.

Traditional smoke alarms make one hell of a racket, and as long as you can discern the noise you’ll be able to know when you’re in a risky situation. But when you’re hard of hearing, ordinary smoke detectors don’t always cut the mustard. Hearing loss means you can’t always detect that typical smoke alarm sound. The same goes for ordinary fire alarms.

At the same time those responsible for churches want to maintain that ethereal, lovely and often ancient historic look, a place people focus on their spirituality rather than being forced to focus on ugly wiring in the eaves and electronic gadgets obscuring views of the stained glass.

Fortunately wireless fire and smoke detectors come to the rescue, and they’re just one of a host of contemporary hearing impaired products. They’re not only small and neat, ideal for an ecclesiastical setting where discretion is important, but the different types of smoke detectors mean there’s bound to be a solution that’s perfect for the shape and size of the space in question. To find out more about fire and smoke detectors which are good for hearing impaired people visit:

Home smoke detectors can work just as well in a church as long as their reach is broad enough – you need a gadget that detects trouble in a large and airy space in good time to give older people time to escape to safety. A commercial smoke detector system designed with the hard of hearing in mind will suit a large church a lot better. If you’d prefer to use smaller, domestic versions, you can always fit several rather than one larger commercial model.

You shouldn’t need two systems, one for people who can hear OK and another for those who can’t. A hard-of-hearing fire or smoke alarm should be perfectly adequate, of not more than enough, for hearing worshippers.

Top 10 World’s Wonderful Churches


The architecture of churches has always been a subject of keen interest for the architects of all times.
By bringing modifications in the original classical architecture, some architects have created the most wonderful church buildings in different parts of the world. Following is the collection of the top 10 most wonderful churches in the world:

            Sagrada Familia, Barcelona, Spain

It is a Roman Catholic Church located in Spain. It has a magnificent display and is a splendid heritage.
It was designed by Antoni Gaudi and its construction began in 1982 and is incomplete to this day.

            Saint Basil’s Cathedral, Moscow, Russia

It is located in the Red Square of Moscow. It is a very ancient church which was built in the 1550’s.
This marks the geometric center of Moscow and is known to be a Russian Orthodox Church.

            Notre Dame de Paris, Paris, France

It is considered as one of the most beautiful Churches of the modern Europe. It stands tall with its dramatic towers and stained glass windows and is a prodigy of beauty and attraction. It is said that it took over a century to build this splendid piece of architecture to completion.

red-square-1795125_640            St. Peter’s Basilica, Rome, Italy

This is one of the biggest Churches of the world. Its central dome rises to a height of 136. Meters which is the highest in the world. It is painted in all white and was constructed in the 16th century.
It is one of the most visited places of the Rome and Italy.

            Westminster Abbey, London, England

It is located in the Westminster Abbey. It is also known as the Gothic Church. It was constructed in the 10th century and is one of the most attention-grabbing buildings of the United Kingdom.

            St Paul’s Cathedral, London, England

It has the seat of the bishop of London as is located at the highest point of the city. The church which initially existed at this place was constructed back in the7th century but later it was rebuilt in the 17th century as the one which one can see now.

            Church of the Nativity, Bethlehem, Palestinian territories

This Church is very famous as it is believed to be constructed above the birthplace of the Jesus of Nazareth. It was originally created by Constantine and his mother Helena but as later rebuilt and modified. It is a very treasured heritage of the Christian world.

            Church of the Holy Sepulchre, Jerusalem, Israel

It is also called the Church of Resurrection. It is located inside the old city of Jerusalem. This Christian quarter of the city is located on top of the hill of Calvary where the Jesus is believed to be crucified. Many Christians consider this church as their Pilgrimage site.

            Saint Mark’s Basilica, Venice, Italy

It is one of the major tourist sites in Venice. It depicts the Byzantine architecture and is one of the most noticeable icons of the city.

            Hagia Sophia, Istanbul, Turkey

It was once an Orthodox patriarchal church, later transformed into a mosque and was later made into a museum as it still is today.

Church Maintenance


Maintaining the church is very much like maintaining any other building. The only difference is that because churches have to manage their maintenance within a narrow church budget so they often employ volunteer workers to get the job done.
Maintenance of a church must be very coordinated and should be done on a regular basis as the church is a place which always has something going on with its premises.

Following are some organized means by which the maintenance of a church can be made easy.

 christians-432075_640           Events Calendar

An effective facility management within a church requires it to have a central calendar which has all the events of the church listed on it. This record can be maintained by means of an electronic calendar application or simply a card calendar. This will bring a great deal of ease in the management and coordination of church facilities.

            Cleaning Schedule

It is important for a church to be neat, tidy and clean. Make a cleaning schedule for the church which is in accordance with the events calendar of the church, the cleaning crew should get the church ready before hand in case of any event that has to be conducted within the church. The church is normally a very big building and its deep cleaning on a daily basis is simply not possible so the crew should be advised to carry out general cleaning daily and a deep cleaning once a month.

            Maintenance Schedule

All buildings need maintenance. You just have to find out what exactly I the building needs to be maintained or repaired. Just talk a walk around the church campus and make a list of all the things that need to be fixed. For example, the walls that need to be painted, the bulbs that need to be replaced and the pipes that need to be changed. Write it all down and then go about them one by one according to a schedule.

            Volunteer Work

It is advisable to schedule volunteer days twice a month. This helps to get people involved in the maintenance of church facilities. This lightens the burden as it gets shared among many people who are willingly available for the work. This, however, demands a lot of planning and organization. If handled in the right manner, the volunteer day can get you a lot of the work done in just a couple of hours.

            Safety Training

It is important all the staff of the church is given safety training. They should be educated as to how they can carry out assigned tasks while considering the safety of themselves and that of other individuals. It should be made sure that all the staff is well informed about the equipment they are using and know exactly how to handle it without causing themselves or other any injury.

            Landscape Maintenance

Many churches have a beautiful exterior landscape which adds beauty to its magnificent architecture. This beauty needs to be looked after otherwise it loses all its charm and gives a very bad impression to all those who visit. If the church has a garden or a lawn, try indulging people in planting trees and flowers so that the church stays clean and beautiful, the way it is supposed to be.